Christian Fletcher LifeBrite: Ultimate Benefits of Laboratory Testing in 2020

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Precise diagnosis is only possible because of reliable laboratory testing. Accuracy and preciseness are the two key factors of diagnostic and proper treatment procedures. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lawsuits’ CEO believes these two factors should be taken into consideration to receive precise reports. Though people neglect the importance of lab testing and find cheaper alternatives, they may not understand they are compromising their health. Seeking affordability by ignoring quality is not a good thing, and you may face really bad health-related consequences by doing so.

On the other hand, these things delay the treatment process and overall patient recovery time, so here we will share some of the benefits of laboratory testing.

Reliable Lab Testing Benefits

If you want fast recovery from a disease, then reliable lab testing is the prerequisite. Neglecting this can lead to incorrect medication being administered and treatment, so you need to take your lab testing more seriously. If you ignore lab testing, then it can lead to life-threatening conditions. That is the reason physicians always recommend lab testing from reliable sources.

Lab Technicians

The reliability of the lab totally depends on these professionals also called clinical laboratory technicians. According to the Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lawsuit’s CEO, their function is to perform laboratory tests on the specimens such as blood, urine, saliva etc. After that, they pass the test results to the physician. Most of the time they conduct microscopic tests on bodily fluids to acquire analytically and independent judgmental data.

Now let’s look at their job functions in detail.

  • Examine and analyze blood, tissues, cells, and bodily fluids using microscopes.
  • Use lab equipment with high precision to ensure precise test results.
  • Identify fluids such as glucose and cholesterol in bodily fluids.
  • Monitor how patients respond to medication.
  • Perform cell counts and search abnormal cells for diseases such as anemia and cancer.
  • Ensure the preciseness of the test results and establish quality metrics.

Medication Precision

Precision medication is one of the critical concepts that requires DNA lab testing to analyze patients’ genes, proteins and family disease history. After extracting the DNA, lab technicians analyze and evaluate patients’ genotype. Understanding the genotype helps physician to diagnose and prescribe treatment for their patients.

Standard comprehensive pathogen testing solutions include:

  • Identification of pathogens in a patient’s body who displays symptoms of a disease.
  • Using advanced technology to detect bacteria and viruses.
  • Minimizing the requirements of the sample using PCR format.
  • Delivering the results on the same day.

According to the Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lawsuit’s CEO, medical laboratory testing is a big part of the healthcare system, yet, it gets little mainstream attention because much of its work is highly complex and unseen. The most important thing is physicians can’t perform their duties without these laboratories. Every single day these labs across the nation are constantly working to monitor, screen, diagnose and research patient specimens to keep them informed and healthy.

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