About Lifebrite Lawsuit

Get Introduced to LifeBrite’s Hospital Management Group

Over the years, LifeBrite has provided comprehensive healthcare solutions to promote healthier lifestyles. Our CEO, Christian Fletcher, oversees the day-to-day process. Healthy living is largely impacted by laboratory testing. To ensure lab testing precision, we have integrated cutting-edge laboratory technology with highly qualified personnel. Our core ethics are deep-rooted in providing the utmost care to patients and facilitating better healthcare solutions. 

  • We have a team of LifeBrite Lawsuit service providers packed with decades of experience in the healthcare field.
  • We provide legal assistance including certifications for healthcare practices.
  • At LifeBrite, we leverage the power of marketing and advertising to broaden the boundary of our reach.
  • Our laboratory is a national reference laboratory offering superior services to clients. In order to maintain that level of superiority, we use state-of-the-art software to streamline our billing, data acquisition, patient record storing, etc.
  • LifeBrite’s CEO, Christian Fletcher, believes in delivering efficient services. Henceforth, all our staff are highly trained, efficient and maintain standard professionalism.

Our Story

We have a team to manage the critical issues at our hospitals. As a committed fiduciary to the local community, we’re striving to restore opportunities to caregivers in the local community. The initiative taken by us is to ensure local employment is sustained, and to make healthcare services feasible to every individual. In order to improve the quantity and quality of our services, we’ve implemented modern technology.

Our Services

We have a team of skilled nurses who are dedicated to superior patient care. Having the skills and knowledge our LifeBrite Lawsuit team possesses really streamlines the overall cycle of care and maintains a higher level of transparency, avoiding preventable issues.

Pharmacogenomic Approach

To help providers ensure precise medication dispensing, LifeBrite offers pharmacogenomics testing to research the genetic makeup that influences a person’s response to drugs. We realize the trial and error approach may fail to provide the best treatment for patients, further leading to unpleasant results. Alternatively, our pharmacogenomic approach sheds light on proper medication selection for each individual patient.

STI Testing

During sexual contact, viral infections and microorganisms may cause sexually transmitted diseases. This can be cured if treated in early stages. However, STIs can have serious health implications if left undiagnosed for years. This is the primary reason spreading awareness for annual screening of STIs for sexually active individuals is so important. Our screening methodology will identify diseases in the early stages and assist caregivers to conduct proper medical treatment.

Cancer Screening

Hereditary cancer predisposition can be diagnosed through LifeBrite’s genetic testing. Generally, 5-10% of cancers are caused by inherited pathogenic mutations. Genetic testing for predispositions to hereditary-caused cancer can detect the disease-causing pathogenic variant that increases the risk of developing hereditary cancer. LifeBrite has a ten-panel test that diagnoses the common types of cancers; including pancreatic, breast, lung and prostate. We also offer a complete risk assessment to help individuals evade the risk of hereditary cancers.